About us

Getting started

Rix.Digital is a creative marketing agency and global consultancy that helps develop brands and products with a digital marketing-first approach.

With vast experience in gaming, igaming, and web3 projects, our work revolves around making sure our clients have the smoothest possible marketing experience. Whether that’s building a remote marketing team, leading performance campaigns, or helping to develop new projects from scratch.

Jamie Lewis – CEO

Serial ceo and project manager, with a long list of clients and projects under his belt.

With a long list of clients, in both web3 and gaming.

Since designing the advertising models that led to dozens of millions being raised in the ico boom of 2016, Jamie has been instrumental in the marketing strategy and operations of a series of global companies and funds.

His work has seen him personally responsible for dozens of millions raised in both public and private sales, and both web3 and traditional markets.