Global marketing consulting and management

Rix.Digital and its leadership team have experience building and leading teams in almost every continent.

Our clients have relied on us to make their most significant steps: opening international offices and building teams with dozens of employees to weigh in on C-suite calls.

Our No Bullshit approach is an important comforter to CEOs and investors who need to hear expert opinions, without fear they are being upsold.

Powerful performance marketing

Marketing solutions, global management and consultancy

Despite being one of the biggest players in media buying in the global igaming industry, Rix.Digital also has a very long history of web3 raises.

Dating back to the ICO boom in 2016/17, our team has been instrumental in some of the most innovative marketing and advertising campaigns in the history of blockchain.

More than $40m USD in public raises
Europe, North and South America, and Asia expertise
Communities numbering more than 1m
Developed dozens of new advertising funnels and channels for web3