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Who are

Rix.Digital is a Gen Z focused esports marketing agency in the UK with a flair for working with both Gamefi and traditional gaming and esports models.

In 2020, we lost many clients who profited from the Premier League, after England’s highest tier of football closed for the Covid-19 lockdown.

So we built something new.

RIX.GG is a professional esports organisation that was built, operated, and managed byRix.Digital

Quickly establishing itself as a premium provider of professional esports teams and tournaments, has become an institution in the European esports arena.

Competing in Valorant, Rocket League, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Fortnite, has grown from inception to one of the better-known UK-based organisations.

RIX.GG statistics

RIX.GG total social media
following: 3.96M (M/T)
RIX.GG Audience by Region:

Esports structure
creation and

Rix.Digital has years of experience in the creation and management of brands and products, with a marketing-first approach.

Our ability to both conceptualize and market foundational esports structure, as well as market the subsequent events on a wide number of platforms, sets us apart as an esports provider and partner.

We can…

Develop and manage new esport-focused brands

Develop an esports agenda and tournament cycle, including minors, majors, and worlds

Live admin online for and offline tournaments and events

Marketing and demand generation for competitive play

Host, manage, and budget for live offline “worlds” event

Liaise with top esports teams around the world for partnerships or participation

Liaise with top esports players to build teams, influence, and test

Create system of “franchise”, should popularity allow

Esports influence

Tyrus, is an influencer agency within the sphere that has a large number of social influencers – most of which are within the gaming and esports niche.

Since 2017, Tyrus has built a client roster of over 60 high profile content creators – such as Iambrandon, Catiosaurus, Kalief (spawn on me), and Friskk – with a combined reach of over 20 million followers.

Tyrus provides comprehensive management of youtube, tiktok, twitch, and other social media channels as well as consultation on personal brand growth strategies and partnership management, and has grown from a roster of seven talents in april 2021 to 65 talents in august 2022. thanks to a key partnership, Rix.Digital has exclusive access and rates available with this professional outfit.

Crypto and web3 influencers, for the most part, are awful.

Offering very little value for money or engagement, influencers in this space are yesterday’s news.

However – esports influencers offer incredibly good value.

With contacts across most european esports orgs, we can negotiate positive influence through potential brand ambassadors, professional game testers, and gaming gurus.

Huntress Trials

The Huntress Trials is a model we have applied to a female and marginalized-gender valorant series, dubbed the Huntress Trials.

Considered the premier female valorant tournament, outside of riot’s “game changer” tournaments, huntress trials gives a platform to underrepresented gamers.

Acting as a successful proof-of-concept, Huntress trials was a long-running series of tournaments that not only raised the profile of, but helped to push female and marginalized-gender competitive play.

Partnerships & Brand Opportunities

Thanks to our experience in the traditional esports industry, we have an excellent network of both endemic and non-endemic brands.

Having successfully tied up deals with Beyond Energy, Logitech, Psyionix, Elgato, and Monster Energy, we have time and time again proved our ability to negotiate meaningful partnerships with top brands.

Rix.Digital can help put your game and community in front of large brands for cooperation, sponsorship, and further opportunities.

If you’re looking for a reliable esports marketing agency in the UK, we’d love to hear from you!