Who are the big esports organisations in 2023?

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The world’s biggest esports organisations (orgs) have seen huge growth over the past years and are valued in the hundreds of millions. All of these orgs compete in the biggest tournaments on the planet and, as a result, entice potential sponsors to part with huge sums of money.

Understanding the heirarchy of the big organisations in esports, whether by revenue, social following, or tournament wins, is incredibly key when looking to enter this space. Working with any particular org is a simple thing – all are open for business. But choosing the correct one takes experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the biggest esports orgs in 2023, what they are worth, and where they are competing.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves boast a huge training facility, with availability for media production
100 Thieves boast a huge training facility, with availability for media production.

Based in Los Angeles, 100 Thieves is a lifestyle brand and a major player in the esports world, they are competing in games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty and Valorant.

And, very recently, their Valorant team won the Red Bull Home Ground tournament, taking home $50,000 (USD).

Thanks to a funding round of $60M, the company has a valuation upwards of $460M, which is up 142% from 2020. You can give thanks for this success to the fact that they have put so much emphasis on growing the esports side of the business. From being successful in-game to having a flurry of content creators bringing in thousands of eyes to the business, 100 Thieves are among the esports elite.

Investor confidence is clearly growing in this brand, and it shows being able to grow from a lifestyle brand to a fully-fledged Tier 1 esports organisation has paid dividends.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid are one of the most popular esports organisations globally.
Team Liquid are one of the most popular esports organisations globally.

Once again based in Los Angeles, Team Liquid is one of the oldest and most well-known esports organisations in the world. Founded in 2000 they have a rich and diverse esports portfolio. As of today, they are competing in major games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant.

Team Liquid owns one of the most popular esports platforms in the world, “Liquipedia”. This wiki aggregates data from almost every esport, which allows viewers to access information about teams, players and upcoming events live scores etc. This has made it an incredibly valuable resource in the esports world. 

Team Liquid had a raise which brought in $35M, giving them a valuation of $415M, up 42% from 2020. Liquid is very brand-safe for sponsors and advertisers and go to show that long-term strategising can lead to a very successful brand both online and offline.

FaZe Clan

Based in Los Angeles (sounds like a popular joint) FaZe Clan is probably the most mainstream esports brand you will see, they have become a fully-fledged media company in recent years.

A big example of this was the launching of “FaZe Studios”, which is a project which will see the company produce its own original films and TV shows. This is unique because traditional esports content is consumed on digital platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube.

Back in the world of esports, FaZe is competing in games such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant and FIFA.

FaZe has a valuation upwards of $400M, up 30% from 2020. FaZe Clan has shown that it is possible to evolve from just an esports organisation to become more mainstream. Inevitably this will lead to more eyes, and that will be music to the ears of sponsors who will be rushing to get a slice of this action. 

Success stories like these should give you encouragement if you are a brand looking to enter this space, as the potential is seemingly limitless at the moment. 

The value of esports organisations has grown exponentially since 2020. In fact, you are looking up to as much as 46% growth for the top ten organisations. Let’s take a quick look at who they are and how much they are worth, the numbers are truly fascinating.

Esports org values in numbers

TSM, FaZe Clan, and 100 Thieves lead the revenue charge in 2023
TSM, FaZe Clan, and 100 Thieves lead the revenue charge in 2023
  1. TSM – Value: $540 Million (+32% on 2020)
  2. 100 Thieves – Value: $460 Million (+142% on 2020)
  3. Team Liquid – Value: $440 Million (+42% on 2020)
  4. FaZe Clan – Value: $400 Million (+30% on 2020)
  5. Cloud9 – Value: $380 Million (+9% on 2020)
  6. G2 Esports – Value: $340 Million (+94% on 2020)
  7. Fnatic – Value – $260 Million (N/A)
  8. Gen.G – Value – $250 Million (+35% on 2020)
  9. NRG – Value – $240 Million (+55% on 2020)
  10. T1 – Value – $220 Million (+47% on 2020)

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