How to use esports as a marketing opportunity 

Jan 3, 2023 | Rix Digital News | 0 comments

Esports has exploded in popularity in recent years and is expected to continue to grow in 2023. This presents a unique marketing opportunity for companies looking to reach and engage with younger, tech-savvy consumers by using esports as a marketing opportunity. 

While both endemic and non-endemic brands went hard in the esports niche last year, we believe 2023 will be a fantastic entry point for even more brands. 

Today, Rix Digital, Europe’s best esports marketing agency, is going through its biggest reasons as to why brands should be more involved in esports in 2023. 

Esports audience grows to over half a billion 

Esports has a large and growing global audience, with over 600 million viewers expected in 2023. This audience is highly engaged, with many fans following their favorite teams and players closely. 

This presents a valuable opportunity for companies to reach potential customers through sponsored events, advertising, and other marketing efforts.

Opportunity to target specific demographics

Esports attracts a younger, more diverse audience than many traditional sports. This presents an opportunity for companies to target specific demographics, such as millennials and Gen-Z, who may be difficult to reach through other marketing channels.

These groups are incredibly engaged, and create huge amounts of user generated content (UGC) for their favourite teams and brands, via Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Reddit, and many others. 

As a result, achieving a certain level of success in esports brings with it fans who are emotionally connected to your brand. 

Cross-platform culture creates esports marketing opportunities

Esports can be watched on a variety of platforms, including traditional TV, streaming platforms, and social media. Practically all new entrants into esports will need to develop their own accounts on relevant social media platforms, which creates an important opportunity to interact with the audience. 

Streaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, are difficult to market on without a relevant business or service that gives back to the young audience. 

This gives non-relevant brands the key opportunity to start working with new advertising platforms and social networks that they previously wouldn’t have been able to approach. 

Sponsorship opportunities

Companies can sponsor esports teams, events, or leagues, providing exposure for the brand through signage, advertising, and other promotional materials at the events. 

Rix Digital works hard to ensure brands are making the right choice when spending money in this arena. Thanks to the niche (and slightly immature) aspect of the esports industry, it can be a minefield and our goal is to ensure brands feel as safe as possible. 

Collaboration opportunities

Companies can collaborate with esports teams or players to create co-branded merchandise or other marketing materials. This can be a powerful way to tap into the loyalty and enthusiasm of esports fans.

In 2022, Valorant pro TenZ released a collaboration with luxury gaming mouse manufacturer Finalmouse. The deal saw the FPS-focused peripheral sold out within minutes on its opening day, and earning more than $7m (USD) in its first 24 hours. 

Integration with traditional sports

Some traditional sports leagues, such as the NBA and the NFL, have formed partnerships with esports organizations to create official esports leagues or tournaments. This allows traditional sports leagues to tap into the growing popularity of esports and reach younger audiences.

Sports teams, too, such as the Golden State Warriors and Paris Saint-Germain, have created or acquired esports teams. This allows traditional sports teams to get involved in the esports industry and potentially benefit from the growth of esports.

Most importantly – traditional sports broadcasters, such as ESPN and Sky Sports, have begun covering esports events and tournaments. This allows esports to reach a wider audience and be more easily accessible to traditional sports fans.

Emerging technologies

The esports industry is likely to continue to embrace emerging technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, which could change the way that esports is played and watched. This presents an opportunity for companies to get in on the ground floor and be at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Overall, esports presents a unique and exciting marketing opportunity for companies looking to reach younger, tech-savvy audiences. With a large, engaged global audience, cross-platform opportunities, and the potential to collaborate with teams and players, esports is well worth considering as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Getting into esports can be an absolute minefield, with as many organisations folding as there are successes. Partnering with a premium esports marketing agency, such as Rix.Digital is one way to make sound decisions in this arena.

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