“We Don’t Like Killing”: Entering Esports For Family Brands

Jan 4, 2023 | Rix Digital News | 0 comments

Big names and brands are moving into esports from all walks of life. In this blog, we’ll be going over some of the available esports for family brands. While many people still associate esports with violent or mature games, which can be a big turn-off for family-oriented brands, there are still huge opportunities in a wide variety of games.

It’s important to note that esports is not all about killing and destruction. In fact, there are a wide range of esports games and genres that are suitable for all ages, including sports games, puzzle games, and strategy games. These games can be just as exciting and competitive as their more violent counterparts, and are played by a huge number of the largest professional esports organisations in the world.

As Europe’s premier esports agency, we speak to dozens of brands every week about how they can get directly involved in esports. One of the challenges that family-focused brands are facing in this market is the realistic violence experienced during the games themselves. 

Family brands, like Lego or Disney for example, probably wouldn’t want to be directly associated with anything depicting violence or killing in any way, shape, or form. 

For these brands looking to get involved in esports, it is important to consider the age range and interests of the intended audience. Some popular esports that may be suitable for a family-based brand include:

  • FIFA – Football game suitable for all age ranges
  • Rocket League – Football-based car game suitable for all age ranges
  • Minecraft – Sandbox game suitable for ages 10+
  • Fall Guys – Battle Royale game suitable for all ages
  • Pokemon Unite – Arena battler game suitable for all ages 
  • Among Us – Social deception game suitable for ages 10+
  • Hearthstone – Digital card game suitable for ages 7+
  • Forza – Racing game suitable for all ages
  • World of tanks – MMO tank battler game suitable for ages 7+
  • Pokken – Fighting game suitable for ages 7+
Rocket League is an incredibly popular family-friendly game with huge potential
Rocket League is an incredibly popular family-friendly game with huge potential

So how can family-oriented brands tap into the esports market? Here are a few ideas:

  • Sponsorship: Companies can sponsor esports teams or events that focus on family-friendly games. This can provide exposure for the brand through signage, advertising, and other promotional materials at the events.
  • Collaboration: Companies can collaborate with esports organisations to create co-branded merchandise or other marketing materials centered around family-friendly games. This can be a powerful way to tap into the loyalty and enthusiasm of esports fans while still maintaining a family-friendly image.
  • In-game advertising: Companies can advertise in family-friendly games, either through in-game banners or sponsored content. This can be a good way to reach a targeted audience of younger players and their families.
  • Creating your own competitive organisation: Many brands are taking matters into their own hands, and signing professional teams to compete on their behalf. This creates fans and incredibly loyal users, uniting under your brand’s flag.

Getting into esports can be an absolute minefield, with as many organisations folding as there are successes. Partnering with a premium esports marketing agency, such as Rix.Digital is one way to make sound decisions in this arena.

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